Bay of Fundy - Mountain, Valley and Tide

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The Bay of Fundy is known for having some of the highest tides in the world.  The bay’s extreme tidal range causes interesting phenomena in the various rivers that empty into it and along the coastline.  This can not only be seen but experienced in Nova Scotia. Are you ready to experience the highest tides in the world?

Today, you will be able to view both high and low tides and see the dramatic effect it has on the coastline and in the harbours.  From your hotel, we’ll drive through historic Halifax then follow Nova Scotia's scenic Evangeline Trail to Hall's Harbour on the Bay of Fundy.

Hall's Harbour

Hall's Harbour is named after Samuel Hall, an American privateer who, during the American Revolution, used the cove to raid settlements in the Annapolis Valley. Now it’s home to a Bay of Fundy fishing fleet and one of the largest lobster pounds in the world. Its unique size makes it an ideal place to fully witness the startling wonder of the Fundy tides.

From Hall’s Harbour, we’ll drive over the North Mountain Ridge to the ‘The Look-Off’ where, on a clear day, you can see the Bay of Fundy, Grand Pré, Wolfville, Acadia University, and much of the extensive rich farmland of the Annapolis Valley. It is, perhaps, one of the most scenic vistas in Nova Scotia.

Following our drive “down the mountain”, we’ll visit Grand Pré National Historic site to learn the history of the 1755 Acadian deportation. This beautiful site and interpretive centre recalls the sad story of the deportation and illustrates the history of a courageous people whose culture and actions continue to enrich Canada. We may also visit two other sites associated with this dark time in Nova Scotia's history.

A short drive from Grand Pré will take us to Wolfville, home of Acadia University and, at one time, an important prosperous agricultural community. It is a college town so there are numerous, delicious eateries to choose from for lunch. Take a stroll around Acadia campus (just named to the 2016 list of “The Most Beautiful Campuses in Canada") or, on the edge of the town, you’ll find one of the French dykes which you can walk along and enjoy some spectacular scenery. Additional sites and dining options are also available.

Annapolis Valley

The Annapolis Valley is noted world-wide for its fruit trees, particularly apple trees although there are also pear, plum, grape, cherry, assorted berries and vegetables farmed here. It is true the Acadians had apple orchards but it was horticulturalist Charles Ramage Prescott, who, from 1811 to 1859, developed the apple industry in Nova Scotia. Mr. Prescott was responsible for introducing numerous varieties including the Ribston, Northern Spy, Baldwin, and Gravenstein.

We’ll visit his former estate at Starr’s Point, which is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in Nova Scotia, prior to returning to Hall's Harbour to view the second tidal phase.

Depending on your interests, we may also visit:

  • A farm market
  • An award winning winery
  • A cheese farm
  • A “Gastropub”
  • The birthplace of hockey
  • A farm where racing pumpkin yachts are grown

Time to complete is approximately seven hours and it is fully narrated by your driver/guide. Itinerary modification is possible - just ask.

This excursion depends on the Bay of Fundy tidal phases so is not always available


From $490.00

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