Northumberland Shore

As the Birthplace of New Scotland, the cultural roots of early Scottish settlers run deep here – names like New Glasgow give it away. In 1773, the Hector arrived from Scotland and the first of many waves of Gaelic immigrants walked down the gangplank. Board a replica of this three-master, fully rigged ship and try to imagine how those 170 pioneers endured 11 arduous weeks at sea!

Once on shore, they discovered what the Mi’kmaq First Nations people already knew – the warm water beaches of the Northumberland Strait teemed with seafood, and the lands were fertile. And today, along with great heritage attractions and seaside golf, the shore is popular among those with great taste as well. Culinary delights from wine, wild blueberries and maple syrup to an array of scrumptious seafood abound.

Not To Be Missed Experiences

  • Cook on the farm with the Kilted Chef
  • Retrace the steps of Scottish immigrants at the Hector Heritage Quay
  • Discover the history behind “Made in Nova Scotia” at the Museum of Industry
  • Try keeping your eye on the ball while playing along incredible seaside courses at Fox Harbr’ Golf Resort and the Championship Northumberland Links
  • Savour maple syrup at Sugar Moon Farm and enjoy the award winning wines at Jost Vineyards

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